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Get new opportunities of doing import and export business.
Find existing buyers and suppliers who are already dealing in your products and research the transaction prices.
Find genuine importers exporters from our databases exploring the real movements of each country.
Analyze the import export business & accurate trade flows with the help of our customized reports.

Detailed Worldwide Imports and Exports Databases

From the customs and ports around the world and strategic arrangements with data partners, Imexdbusiness is the company who can provide the best fields, including the foreign partners of each import and export transaction. The above, is the field of more added value on the detailed databases.

Tell us your countries of interest and your product if you are importer/exporter or markets of presence if you are from the logistic world.
Our commitment is to reach a solution through our available databases that will surely help you

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Our clients

Importers & Exporters

We help you find real buyer or supplier for your product and also help you drive business development with deeper insights from competitive intelligence and industry-focused analysis.

Logistics Companies

Logistics companies like carriers lines, freight forwarders and customs agents use our market research reports to understand the market share by trade lanes, ports, countries of origin & destination, between others.

Financial Institutions

We help banks and other financial institutions to conduct in-depth company research and select suitable importers and exporters for providing their products & services.

Market Research Companies

They use our import export analysis reports to track the activities of export-dependent and import-dependent companies. Get a real-time view of commodity flows and come up with better conclusions on companies, commodities & countries.

Market Analysis

Build a quantitative and qualitative assessment of a market, by analyzing values and volumes on your products and patterns, including the analysis of the competition.

Customer Care

For some customers, the need is clear at the beginning, for others, it will change within the time. We have dedicated executives to follow your requests, which is specially important on the periodically reports with future data, on the import and export world of databases

Competitor Monitoring

For us, to update the data periodically across the time is same or more important than have it or not. We know that the main goal is to be aware of the changes of the markets and monitor de competitors and trends permantently!

Customer Development

Our first aim is to discover your needs. This is the first approach that will led us together to reach your objectives.

Statistical Worldwide Imports and Exports Databases

Nowadays, the management of monitor the world market opportunities is fundamental, in order to diversify products, markets, analyze the trends and take conclusions in terms of the trade development strategies. The official statistics reported by each country are the best way for the above objective; we have a large stock of records of historical and updated information of many countries of the world.
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