Argentine fresh fruit exports to the United States and Mexico with certification of origin

Argentine fresh fruit exports to the United States and Mexico with certification of origin

Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa), Carlos Paz, and of the Committee of Producers and Exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables for the United States of America (COPEXEU), Roberto Gregori, met on February 10 and analyzed the results of the country’s fresh fruit exports to the US and Mexico with certifications of origin.

Another topic discussed in the meeting, which was also attended by the national director of Senasa’s Plant Protection, Diego Quiroga, and Matias Gonzalez Buttera, from the Agency’s Plant Foreign Trade Directorate, was the importance of these markets for the chains involved, in terms of volume and opportunity of product placement.

They also addressed how the evolution of exports and future expectations had driven investments and the need for joint planning to increase the efficiency of operations.

They also made emphasis on the challenges posed by exports in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the joint work that is being carried out to reduce the negative impacts on trade.

In this sense, the president of COPEXEU thanked Senasa for its commitment and hard work that allow the country to carry out exports. He also said he was satisfied with the fluid communication that he maintains with the different sectors to facilitate the fluidity of the processes.

Both presidents expressed common visions regarding the next challenges to face and created a list of actions to be taken for the next season.

These activities are part of the agreements signed with the health organizations of both countries, which also affect COPEXEU as they are the organization that represents the export chain, providing financial resources to cover the operations that must be carried out.

These agreements refer to the Work Plans for the export of blueberries, cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples, and pears to the United States and apples and pears to Mexico.

Verifications at origin imply that there is personnel from the US and Mexican health services in Argentina, to certify the export shipments together with Senasa.

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