The economy of Bolivia is the 95th largest economy in the world in nominal terms and the 87th economy in terms of purchasing power parity. It is classified by the World Bank to be a lower middle income country. Political instability and difficult topography have constrained efforts to modernize the agricultural sector. Similarly, relatively low population growth coupled with low life expectancy and high incidence of disease has kept the labor supply in flux and prevented industries from flourishing. Rampant inflation and corruption also have thwarted development, but in the early twenty-first century the fundamentals of its economy showed unexpected improvement, leading major credit rating agencies to upgrade Bolivia's economic rating in 2010. The mining industry, especially the extraction of natural gas and zinc, currently dominates Bolivia's export economy.

Capital City: Sucre

Currency: Bolivian boliviano

Official language: Spanish

Population: 10.027.254

Natural resources: Metal ores (gold, silver, copper, manganese, lead, zinc, tin, iron, antimony and tungsten). - Non-metallic minerals (sulfur, fluorine, phosphates and limestones).

Worldwide share in import(2015): 0.06

Total imports:

US$ 7.762.565.341,04

Top import Commodities: petroleum products, plastics, paper, aircraft and aircraft parts, prepared foods, automobiles, insecticides.

Top import Partners: Chile (21.3%), Brazil (20.3%), Argentina (10.9%), US (10.1%), Bolivia (6.5%), Venezuela (6.2%), China( 4.9%).

Trade Organisations: WTO, GATT.

Top Ports: Cochabamba, Oruro, Sucre, La paz, Potosí, Tarija.

Worldwide share in export(2015): 0.05

Total exports:

US$ 7.095.787.610,00

Top export Commodities: Machinery And Mechanical Appliances, Mineral Fuels, Oils And Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Printed Books And Newspapers, Aircraft And Parts, Toys, Games And Sports Equipment.

Top export Partners: Germany (18.1%), Libya (10.2%), France (8.6%), United Kingdom (7.3%), Italy (5.9%), Turkey (5.9%), Greece (5.1%), China (4.3%).

Trade Organisations: WTO, GATT.

Top Ports: Cochabamba, Oruro, Sucre, La paz, Potosí, Tarija.

Main movements of Bolivia

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