Export of agricultural commodities rises despite lockdown in India

Export of agricultural commodities rises despite lockdown in India

India’s export of agriculture based commodities such as garlic, lemons, chilies and bananas have been higher this year than previous years, despite the national lockdown.

According to an official from the Maharashtra state agricultural marketing board (MSAMB), India’s export in April and May 2020 has been higher than May 2019.

The MSAMB export data shows that from April 1 to May 19 this year, the total export of garlic stood at 1168 metric tonnes while it was 846 metric tonnes last year during the corresponding period.

Lemons also reported a higher export with 653 metric tonnes compared to 283 metric tonnes last year while chillies stood at 1522 metric tonnes compared to 1409 metric tonnes last year and bananas at 33948 metric tonnes which was 23456 metric tonnes last year.

Most of the export happened through the sea route and for countries in the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other neighbouring countries. Mangoes and grapes were the only fruit that went by air to Europe.

MSAMB managing director Sunil Pawar said, “Despite other sectors affected badly due to Covid-19, we have been able to save the agriculture export.”

According to Pawar, agriculture export mainly increased for bananas, lemons, chilies, and garlic.

Only 7 % Less

“During the period from April 1 to May 19, total 17051 metric tonnes commodities were exported from JNPT and airways and almost 90 percentage of share is from Maharashtra. In the same period during 2019, a total 18389 metric tonnes commodities got exported which shows only 7 per cent less than previous year.”

Pawar said the state government has created the central control room at Vashi in Mumbai which has helped to give single window licences for everything.

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