Foreign trade statistics

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Illuminating the Future: Trends and Insights in India’s Solar Power (2023-2024)

India, a nation blessed with abundant solar irradiance, is undergoing a paradigm shift in its energy sector. Solar energy, once a nascent technology, is now a burgeoning […]

Data: The Hidden Key to Streamlining Your Import/Export Operations and Maximizing Profits

In today’s global marketplace, import/export operations are the lifeblood of many businesses. Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, the efficiency of your import/export processes […]

Competition between Indian, Chinese steel players to intensify in export markets

In China — the largest steel consuming country — steelmakers could brace for an extended period of weak demand as the economy goes through the process of […]

Chinese import volume of bananas from the Philippines declined by nearly 30%

When the temperatures rise, the retail volume of Chinese bananas declines. The traditional off season takes place in the summer, but that is also the time of […]