Ecuador achieves a new banana export record in 2020 with 380 million boxes

Ecuador achieves a new banana export record in 2020 with 380 million boxes

Ecuador set a new banana export record in 2020 after dispatching more than 380 million boxes of bananas that year, i.e. 7% and 15% more volume and value than in 2019, respectively.

“The 2020 figures are positive as a result of the unity and efforts made by our entire value chain,” stated Marianela Ubilla, the president of the board of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE), during an event celebrating the union’s 22 anniversary.

The banana sector contributed to sustaining the Ecuadorian economy last year when the pandemic affected national production and oil exports were suspended for several days due to damage to the pipelines.

The main destination markets for the Ecuadorian banana were the European Union, Russia, the Middle East, the United States, and East Asia.

Last year, several countries that buy the fruit experienced internal economic problems, which led to a decrease in demand for the fruit or its prices. Regulating the banana support price for 2021 is the effect of that international reality, Ubilla said.

Despite this, she said, the sector managed to get ahead by working united. “We were able to bring together the union and the formalization of the sector through the Ecuadorian banana cluster, which was able to execute 60 mutually beneficial actions based on a strategic agenda and the associativity of the productive chain.”

During the union’s celebration event, recognitions were given to affiliated companies for their trajectory and their contribution to the sector. In addition, various government entities decorated the AEBE.

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