Meat Export from Russia Up in Q1 2020

Meat Export from Russia Up in Q1 2020

According to SeaNews Russian Foreign Trade Customs Statistics online service, in Q1 2020 Russia exported 108.8 thousand tons of meat and by-products, up 70.3% year-on-year. In monetary terms, exports almost doubled amounting to $179.2 mn.

Poultry and by-products account for more than half of exports. During January-March 2020, 67.6 thousand tons (+79.8%) worth $103.2 mn (up 2.4-fold) of poultry and by-products was exported. 35 thousand tons worth $62.7 mn was exported to China. 10.5 thousand tons worth $11.3 mn was shipped to Ukraine, and 9.8 thousand tons worth $9.7 mn to Kazakhstan.

Pork export from Russia increased 2.2-fold to up 21.3 thousand tons worth 44.8 mn, up 2.3-fold. 8.3 thousand tons worth $14.8 mn was shipped to Ukraine, 6 thousand tons worth $12.5 mn to Belarus, and 3.9 thousand tons worth $11.6 mn to Vietnam.

Export of by-products increased by 10.7% up to 13.4 thousand tons in terms of tonnage and by 25.8% up to $12.2 mn in terms of value. Most of the volume, 9.8 thousand tons worth $9 mn, was shipped to Hong Kong.

Export of beef amounted to 1.8 thousand tons (up 2-fold) worth $7.9 mn (+97.5%). The main destinations were Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

Covid 19 don´t stop meat export rise

During the first quarter of 2020, 35 thousand tons of meat and meat by-products were shipped to China (up 87.5-fold) worth $63.5 mn (up 70.6-fold). Almost all of these were poultry meat and by-products.

Export to Ukraine amounted to 20.9 thousand tons (+31.4%) worth $27.9 mn (+43.1%). More than half of the entire volume was pork, a significant share was poultry and by-products.

Export to Belarus increased by 53.8% up to 8 thousand tons worth $16.5 mn, up 35.2% year-on-year. Approximately three quarters of the volume was pork.

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